Bhakti Yoga Online Course Teacher Training 2022


Bhakti Yoga Online Course Teacher Training

Bhakti Yoga Online Course Teacher Training

There happened to be a time when the human being was dominated by his emotions. Though today it may be different and emotion may not necessarily be the dominant factor in you , yet it continues to be the most concentrated component within you. The physical body in most people is unable to get to the state of high intensity.

Rather, it is more of an effort to let the body be kept intense. On and off, the mind can still be kept intense , however, an intense mind can be sustained by just a few beings. In the case of energy, people commonly are not intense , and do not show steadiness of this particular state. However, when it comes to emotion , it does tend to get to the level of intensity. Even if it may not be in love, in case of anger , we become intense. So emotions rule over humans.

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