50-Hour with Pranayama


50-Hour with Pranayama

50-Hour with Pranayama

Do you want to become a Pranayama Course instructor or trainer? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ utilize this powerful breath work course to get the best knowledge, from the comfort of your home. You will find many practitioners delving into extensive Hatha Yoga practice, with pranayama. Online means that you can practice, learn and fit into your everyday life.

We at Nirvana Yogasthal Yoga School, believe that everybody has the right to continue learning, no matter what happens. The pandemic was not in our control but learning is. You can pursue the breathwork course with the comprehensive course on Classical Hatha Yoga that consists of live sessions, pre-recorded sessions, and PDF notes. The Yoga Alliance certification adds a lot of value to your certification.

Brief Overview of What Will You Be Learning in This Course?

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  • Study Materials
  • Certification of Completion
  • 6-month access
  • Compatible with Mobile, Desktop and Tablets
  • Pranayama
  • Introduction of Pranayama
  • Yogic breathing technics for increasing awareness
  • Benefits of pranayama
  • NadiSodhana pranayama
  • Bhastrika pranayama
  • Bhramari pranayama
  • Surya Bhedi and Chandra Bhedi pranayama
  • Ujjayi pranayama
  • Breathing Techniques

Curriculum 50-Hour with Pranayama!

  • Introduction to Pranayama
  • Pranayama Theory
  • Understanding of Prana and Prana flow
  • Postures for Pranayama
  • Different types of Pranayama
  • Pranayama Practices
  • Pranayama Philosophy

Yoga Decoration

50-Hour with Pranayama Course Dates