07 Health Benefits of Padmasana (Lotus Pose)


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07 Health Benefits of Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

An established meditation posture, Padmasana (Lotus yoga pose) is a seated cross-legged position beautifully representing a lotus flower– a symbol of dedication, eternity, and rebirth. As the lotus flower is able to grow and blossom in the muddy area, the lotus yoga asana encourages the postural performers to reach their highest possibilities despite the obstacles.

Commonly used in meditation practices, Padma Sana involves a lot of patience, alignment, and body, mind, soul engagement in order to fully bloom in the pose. Achieving both physical and mental health benefits of Padma Sana is highly rewarding for the performers.

Preparing the Beginners for the Lotus Pose Practice:

The tightness of the hips makes this pose challenging to practice. Therefore, it is advisable for the beginners and those with tight hips to warm up their bodies through a number of hip-opening yoga postures. Stretch in warrior series, pigeon pose, and fire-log pose. Prepare in bound-angle posture and wide-legged child asana.

Steps of the Padma Sana:

  • Come in a sitting position with legs unbent in front of you.
  • Firmly root your sitting bones on a yoga mat.
  • Fold the right knee and bring the foot towards the left elbow. Try to hook the right foot into the left elbow and right knee in the right elbow. Create a cradle for your leg and foot
  • To open the hips, rock back and forth your right leg.
  • Now, rest the right foot in the left leg.
  • Swivel the left leg across the body and bring the left foot into the right groin.
  • Press the heels into the stomach.
  • Sit tall and gaze forward.
  • Keep the hands on your knees, palms in the downward position.
  • Breathe and perform on the other side.

Modifications and Cautions:

  • 1 - If performing a full Lotus Pose is difficult at first then build up your practice by doing a Half Lotus Pose. In the Half Lotus Pose, bring one leg into the groin and rest the other on the ground in a bent position. Use a blanket to support the leg on the floor. Practice on both sides and cross both the legs for the same time duration.
  • 2 - People with knee and ankle injury should avoid the practice of the Lotus Pose. Benefits of the Lotus Pose:

    • 1 - Releases Hips: The Padmasana effectively opens and releases stored tension in the hips. The stretching effect of the pose diminishes the tightness, releases stress, fear, negativity thus increasing hip flexibility and guaranteeing health and wellbeing.
    • 2 - Spine Health and Improved Posture: As you sit tall in the Lotus Pose, the spine is stretched that helps in maintaining its suppleness and natural ‘S’ shaped curve. Healthy spine results in an improved posture that in turn reduces the risk of a backache and many other health issues.
    • 3 - Eases Symptoms of Menstruation: The menstruation week brings along bloating, cramping, uneasiness, pain, and lot more for many of us. The yoga Practice can help you spend your menstruation week with ease and less pain. Perform Lotus Pose in which the pelvic area is stretched and the blood flow towards it is increased resulting in a hassle-free menstruation. The regular performance also eases childbirth.
    • 4 - Calm the Thoughts: The Padmasana is utilized for meditation practices, thereby calming the thoughts and relaxing your brain. The physiological effects of the pose rejuvenate the body in preparation for deep meditation practices helping you find stillness and benefits of Lotus Pose.
    • 5 - Stretches Ankles and Knees: The bending of the knees and arrangement of ankles in the Padmasana facilitates stretching of these two body parts. Extension helps loosen these areas, increases their range of motion, and relieves pain in these body parts
    • 6 - Promotes Union: The ultimate goal of the science of yoga is the union of the body, mind, and soul. The chanting of a mantra while in the lotus Yoga Asana purifies, liberates, and harmonizes the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of the entities.
    • 7 - Destroyer of Diseases: The alignment of a body in the Lotus Pose is such that the various lymphatic nodes, acupuncture points, organs are stimulated that ensures optimal functioning of the human system and greater health. Bloom into your best version in every aspect with the Padmasana (Lotus Pose).